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I am the parent of five children. The oldest is 16. The youngest is 8 months. Up to last week all that parenting took place outside of the island of Manhattan. I had never even considered the logistics of taking young children through the streets of New York City. Never once had I imagined negotiating a stroller through the subway. Indeed I myself had never even been to New York City, much less any of my progeny. Life surprises you, however, and when the business trip came up my wife's first thought was, "Oh I'm breastfeeding! We'll have to take the baby!" A few hours later it was all set. She was going to the National Stationery Show. I was going to take care of the baby while she was at the show. Suddenly Manhattan loomed large on the parenting landscape.

I could have stayed in the hotel the whole time, ordering room service, watching movies, holding the baby up to the window so we could both see the building across the street, but as fun as that sounds I wanted more. Call me crazy but I wanted to take a bite out of New York and live a little--8 month baby and stroller in tow. As a result I had the enormous good fortune to come in contact with Lisa Puccio at NewYork By All Means.

Sure I could ramble on about how informed she was and her wonderful connections to the city. I could point out her ability to remain both organized and flexible. I could even gush on and on about how affable and friendly she was --but let me get straight to the point. What set Lisa Puccio apart from the other tour guides I vetted can be summed up in one feat: she took a first time tourist and his 8 month old baby in a cab, through the streets of lower Manhattan, on the subway, and then through Times Square and she made it seem easy. She made it seem convenient. No stress. No drama. Just a casual, entertaining, informative stroll through one of the largest cities on the planet. She paid attention to what I was interested in and she paid attention to the needs of my baby. I was happy. The baby was happy. What might have been a headline-"insane out of Towner takes baby and stroller on NYC subway alone to see sights. Currently in police custody."- turned out to be a fine day indeed. I think Lisa Puccio might be Batgirl. I heartily recommend her for your adventures in Gotham. Especially if you have young children.

I hear she does a chocolate tasting tour. I am looking for reasons to return to New York City.

-Arnold Dobson


Just wanted to let you know how much our family enjoyed your Little Italy Tour and Tasting.

Your knowledge and enthusiasm of the city and this neighborhood in particular was surpassed only by your friendly nature and your attention to detail.  Given the fact that several people had never visited NYC before - this was greatly appreciated.


What impressed all of us even more was the fact that you took the time and effort to learn about the personality of our group and designed your services specifically for us!  You brought special  food for our dietary needs, shout-outs to our musical and real estate interests, Ellis Island insight. and even a card for our graduate! 


Thank you for your professionalism and expertise. 

Jeff and Family, Chicago, IL.


I am following up on the the 3 walking tours I took with my wife Bev and daughter, Tara.  We enjoyed the tours immensely and thank you for taking the time with us.


Hope all is well and look forward to our next trip to the big apple (now where did that term come from, lol?). 

John F. , Architect, Ontario, Canada


I loved yesterday's tour of the park

It was the most time I have ever spent in Central Park and it was an amazing tour!  I've attached some photos- not too bad for a phone camera.

Tim , Production Specialist, NYC

(You can see some of Tim's photos on my photo gallery page)


Happy you took our group on here in NYC, and in DC. 

I had a great time everywhere we went.  I've enjoyed your sense of humor and down to earth spirit.

G. B., Chaperone 7th Grade Trip, Sacramento, CA.


Your the Best Tour Guide Ever!

The way you speak to the student; it's filled with enthusiasm and excitement.  I can tell you really enjoy your job and the passion you have towards your city: New York.

Student, American School of Saltillo, Mexico


Thank you very much for doing the Labor, Discrimination,& Immigration tour again this semester.  This time it was a really big group.  The students learned alot and as a result, have begun to appreciate much more what they have taken for granted for so long. 

Professor Farias, Baruch College, NYC


Thank you so much for everything you did for me and the students

this week.  It was such a wonderful week, I hate for it to end.  Thanks again for the fan, I will use it wisely.

Sandra, PE Teacher, Sacramento, CA.


What Fun!

Our tour guide Lisa was knowledgeable, funny, and full of related stories that were very interesting.  I would wholeheartedly recommend this tour!

Elaine , Long Island NY, Review of Lower East Side Food Tasting Tour


Here are the photos we took of you on the Chocolate Walk, yesterday.  It was so obvious that you love what you do, and that made the day so enjoyable. 

Tim and Dennis, NYC



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