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Walking Tours

All tours listed below run approximately 2.5 hours, unless otherwise noted.

Follow The Money...

 A tour of Lower Manhattan tracing the history of New York City's rise as the continent's commercial and financial powerhouse, beginning with the establishment of a modest trading post by the Dutch West India Company.


Maps, photos and newspaper articles will enrich the presentation of the historical and geographical evolution that continues to this day.


Some of the stops on this tour:

Standard Oil Building, New York Stock Exchange, Federal Reserve Bank, Woolworth Building, J.P.Morgan & Co, and everyone's favorite: a photo-op with the Charging Bulll.

You Say Ya Wanna Revolution

This tour highlights American Revolutionary History, and does not take place in Boston, Philadelphia, or a battlefield, but on the streets of the Lower Manhattan.


The most significant 1765 Stamp Act Protest ("No taxation without representation!"), George Washington's first inauguration and the ratification of the Bill of Rights, all occured within this locale


Some stops in this tour:

City Hall, Bowling Green Park, Fraunces Tavern Museum, Federal Hall, Trinity Church, and St. Paul's Chapel..

Ciao Carmela 

This adventure starts as we board the ferry to Ellis Island and experience the sights, and sounds of New York Harbor.


On Ellis Island we will tour the Immigration Museum, the very same building where 12 million of our ancestors arrived during the late 1800's and early 1900's.


Through storytelling and role playing we hope to captivate our guests' imaginations and emotions to make their experience a most memorable one.  We will walk the grounds and view The Immigrant Wall of Honor which lists over 700,000 names of those who came to America in search of a better life.


We will present the process these immigrants underwent in a factually

accurate way...and debunk some myths popularized by Hollywood.





Rhapsody In Blue

This tour takes us to Midtown Manhattan where we will explore two iconic masterpieces of architectual function and design: Grand Central Terminal and the New York Public Library on 42nd St.


En route we will walk by the stately edifices of a number of University and Ivy League Clubhouses as well as the impressive and unusual Yacht Club.

We will venture into the lobbies of the legendary Algonquin Hotel where the "vicious circle" literati held court over lunch in the 1920's, and the ArtDeco Chrysler Buliding, which enjoyed a short stint as the tallest building in the world.


We will stroll through the urban oasis of Bryant Park and, depending upon the season either check out the iceskaters or sniff the flowers.

If you have binoculars I would definitely suggest you bring them!!.

Location Location Location

Through the years this thriving metroplis has been a magnet for immigrants from around the world, bringing with them their customs, religions and cuisines.


This tour focuses on those who immigrated to NYC from its earliest years through the mid 1920's.  It seeks to inpart an understanding of their daily routines and lifestyles: how they lived, where they worked, shopped, played and prayed.


Their stories of struggle and success will be told against the backdrop of the streets and sidewalks of today's Lower East Side, Chinatown and Little Italy neighborhoods..


Hail to the Chief

Theodore Roosevelt was the only president born in NYC , and four presidents died here,  Most U.S. Presidents have lived, worked or visited NYC at various stages of their lifetimes.


On this tour we will traverse the streets of Manhattan, exploring presidential connections, matching "faces with places" as we walk by a number of locations.  Depending on the day of the week and the neighborhood you choose, this tour may include visits to Federal Hall, Theodore Roosevelt's birthplace, the Waldorf Astoria, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt' townhouse, Cooper Union's Great Hall- to name a few!


For charter bus groups this tour can be extended so that a variety of locales could be visited. Fun tour for American history fans!


Writer's Block


This tour of the West Village focuses on the lives and works of many renowned writers of literature, who at one time called this neighborhood home. As we find our way through the quirky street layout, to their homes and haunts, you will become familiar with their personal stories and professional lives.


Handouts of sample works will be provided.


We will visit other noteworthy places of interest in this intriguing neighborhood including St. Luke’s in the Fields Church, built when the West Village was considered “the country,”  and specialty shops that have been serving the public for over 100 years.





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